You are being watched. Corporations such as Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Microsoft offer "free" services. They encourage you to give them all your private data: pictures, documents, email, interests, hobbies, audio recordings, GPS location... The list goes on.

They use AI and secret algorithms to learn everything they can about you. Then they sell that information to other companies and people.

If that wasn't creepy enough, these large corporations are constantly targeted by criminals. Even if you trust Google, you definitely shouldn't trust these bad actors. They want to use your data to empty your bank accounts, blackmail you, and commit other crimes.

But there's hope. Corporations and criminals can't take your data if you don't give it to them. We can build you a secure, miniature server for your home or business. Your server will be easy to use, and comes with alternatives to multiple "free" services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Skype, as well as photo backup, contacts, calendar, and more. It works with your phones and computers. And after you purchase a server, your only ongoing costs are if you need help or want cloud backups.

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